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July 5 2010

Saturday 24th July 2010 @ 8.30pm. The Evelyn, Brunswick st Fitzroy. $12 at the door or book through moshtix.

We've been in recording mode for most of this year so we're pretty damn excited to be actually playing a gig! We're the first act and will be playing a short sharp set. It'd be great to see some familiar faces, so come help us supprt Autumn Gray launch their fantastic new album! You can putchase tickets by clicking here > moshtix


24 August 09
BASIC SHAPE in NCBC State Final 2009!

Wednesday 26th August @ 10.15pm, Northcote Social Club (301 High st Northcote). $5/8.

We're in the State Final for the National Campus Band Comp . We have decided to embrace the competitive nature of the event and have been in military style training since we won the regional final. Gerry learned how to poke peoples eyes out, so if we don't get a place at least there's that.

Hope to see you there!

April 7 2009
So, we're back from Tassie. It was nice down there, all cold and convicty and steeped in history and all that.

Here is a brief run down of what went on down there:

We arrived in Hobart bright and early Friday morning and in classic Basic Shape style were instantly running late (for an interview this time). Anyway, we arrived at ABC Hobart with a sweaty sheen on our brows and waited for the nice man to tell us when to play our song. We played our song. We think it sounded good. Then the man came into the room and engaged us in humorous conversation. Mick liked the way things were going and with completely unjustified confidence, proceeded to cut the interviewer off mid-story and laugh at his own jokes. Strangely enough the humorous ABC man clearly preferred Mick to Gerry. We think he may have found Gerry a bit weird, and girly, and European. But that’s just speculation.

With our interview out of the way, we could now concentrate on eating meat pies and being late to our gig that night. Rob chatted up a waitress: “Hey, do you know where the Alley Cat Bar is?…Yeah, we’re playing there tonight” etc…

Following that stimulating event, we met up with our host, Pat. He used to be the Basic Shape hairdresser, should be a professional raconteur, and is the fittest human being in earth. We caught a bus to our lodgings and made appropriate noises about how beautiful everything was, which it was.

Then it was time to be late for the gig. We arrived at the venue; it’s called the Alley Cat Bar and is a great place. They have good looking staff, a pretty good PA and a semi relaxed attitude towards free drinks. Now for the bad news - Unbeknownst to us, our show that night coincided with the start of a state-wide music and arts festival called Ten Days on the Island. Some dude from Massive Attack was playing at the Town Hall and there was a free concert on the water front. Now, seeing as everyone we spoke to during the day (including our hosts) were going to either of these two events, we steeled ourselves for a relatively poorly attended show…. And so it was. We did however perform well, and make some new and very talkative fans. And, using a secret system free from the constraints of logic, bi-annual auditing, or post season reviews, we managed to chalk up the gig as a victory.

We decided to hang around the Alley Cat and soak up any glory that may have been generated by our pulsating performance (not much), but when the Governor’s whingeing became too much we went home. Most of us stayed in South Hobart with (very generous and lovely) friends and slept on a couple of mattresses in the same room. We don’t ask for much really, as a band I mean...BUT one day, it would be nice not to have to sleep together on tour. We’re not asking for ARIA awards, or lingerie model girlfriends, we just want separate beds. It is worth noting that the newest member of the band, bass player Sean Gentry (Gentry by name and by nature) stayed with his fancy friends in the lap of luxury, suckling contentedly at the twin teats of comfortable bedding and someone to drive him places.

Saturday night found us playing to a much larger audience, with great local band “The Home Band”. Fun and frivolity ensued. Rob played the drums like a colossal Italian stallion, chomping at the bit and bursting with testosterone charged vigour like a horse in the team used by Ben Hur in that big chariot race. The Governor (keys) played and sang like a beautiful little yellow bird, Sean played the bass guitar like it was a cool instrument, while Mick and Gerry sweated profusley and entertained like they have entertained before. Afterwards, we smiled a lot, soaked up any left over glory and paraded around like prize stud bulls at the Easter show. Post gig we headed for some refreshments in the heart of Hobart. Unfortunately, the heart of Hobart at 3am Sunday morning is actually a heart of darkness and after a short time we went home…to the mattresses.

The next day we had a Barbeque. It featured: Thick sausages, thin sausages, steak (with the “economy” sticker taken off), Cascade Pale Ale, and vegetable matter. Nice.

We flew home the following morning and Rob spewed on descent. Thanks for having us Tasmania!

Basic HQ

12th March 09
Supporting the Lucksmiths at the Northcote Social Club
On Sunday March the 22nd we wil be playing an afternoon show at thh Northcote Social Club with one of our favourite bands (and one of Australi's best), The Lucksmiths along with the Audiobooks. It's $12.00 to get in, and music starts at 3pm. Afternoon shows at the Social Club have a great atmosphere, and it would be great if you could come down and make us look cool in front of the Lucksmiths. The first two people to come up to us after the show and say "you guys were awesome" in a believable way, will get a free kebab from the kebab shop next door. So here are the details again:
Sunday 22nd March @ 3pm, Norhtcote Social Club. $12.00


On Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th of March the Basic Shape Juggernaut (Four semi- trailers full) rolls into Van Diemens Land. We will be playing at The Alley Cat in Hobart on both nights and we hope to see all you Tasmanians there! We'll be hanging around down there for a couple of days, so if anyone has any ideas about what we should go and look at, please contact us at . Here are the details:
Fri 27th March(supporting) & Sat 28th March (headlining). The Alley Cat, 381 Elizabeth St, Hobart.


What has been happening: TOURIN'. In early March the band completed a nice little 3 date tour of Canberra. Armed with two new members, Sean (bass) and John (keys), we thrilled and delighted the residents of the nation's capital with our sassy pop tunes and are quite certain there will be some memorial erected in our honour. We had KFC in Albury on the way back too.

RECORDIN'. In other news, work has commenced on a new album. It may or may not be a hip hop album. Actually it definitely WON'T be a hip hop album, unless through the power of internet democracy we are inundated with requests for a Basic Shape Hip Hop Album. Anyway, in its infancy the new album is sounding great, all we need is one international mega hit to complete it. If anyone has any idea how to write one of these, or has a spare one lying around, please contact us at

18 November 08
BASIC SHAPE at Bar Open. Wed 19th Nov, 9pm.
The Basic Shape juggernaut rolls into Bar Open this Wednesday night (the 19th). This will most likely be our final show for the year due to Gerry's work commitments at the North Pole. With Santa. He's one of Santa's little helpers.

Anyway, we'd love to see you all there. We play at 9pm, entry is free, and we are supported by the foxy Sascha Ion. If you're lucky Gerry might let you sit on his lap and recite your Christmas wishes. Because as stated above, he works for Santa. As one of his little helpers.


We have released Rainy Day as a second single from Boat Without a Sail. You can order it now by clicking here. The song is copping a little bit of radio play around the place, and if you ring a radio station and ask them to play it we will love you forever. The single also includes a song called Sweetie Pie which Mick and Gerry recorded together at Gerry's mum's house in Canberra. It's a beauty!

You can download the single from itunes as of tomorrow, or you can order a copy online, or you can come see us wednesday night and Gerry might give you one (a CD that is).

16 September 08
BASIC SHAPE at the Brunswick Hotel Wednesday 29th Oct.
Basic Shape are gearing up for a big summer of goodness and to help us get in the mood we will be headlining a show at the Brunswick Hotel on Wednesday the 29th of October, supported by the lovely and talented Sascha Ion (

Here are the details: 9pm at Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick.
140 Sydney Road, Victoria 3056.

Hope to see you there!

16 September 08
BASIC SHAPE in NCBC State Final!

Last week Basic Shape secretly played in the Regional semi-final of the National Campus Band Comp... We were kinda embarrassed so we didn't tell anyone...But we won!! so now we're telling everyone!!!

The state final is being held next Thursday the 18th of September at the Corner Hotel, Richmond. It would be great if you could come down and support us! They award points for crowd reaction, AND the band with the most supporters receives 3 cartons of beer...If we happen to win those cartons of beer we're inviting everyone (whether we know you or not) to come back to Mick's house and help us drink them.

We are on first - at 8.30pm, which is a crap slot for us (think lane 8 in an olympic swimming final) but it does mean that if need be you can get home nice and early on a school night.

It costs $10 for non students and $7 for students, and we are on at 8.30pm. Hope to see you all there :)

18th June 08
BASIC SHAPE with the Guild League and April Maze at Ruby's in Belgrave. This Thursday!
Basic Shape willl be performing along with The Guild Leage this Thursday the 19th of June at Ruby's in Belgrave (Melbourne). (1648 Burwood Highway)

We will be storming the stage at 10pm and we will be smashing our instruments to pieces in a drug fuelled rock n roll frenzy while the audience looks on totally awestruck...and that.... ok maybe not... but it will be a hellova night and we're fired up to hit the stage again.

April Maze are kicking off the night at 9pm. The Guild League on at 11pm.
For those who don't know Ruby's, it's a fantastic venue and has great atmosphere.

Hopefully see you there :)

20th May 08
A very big thanks to everyone who attended our album launch at the Toff on Saturday. We had a great night and really appreciate all the love and enthusiastic support you guys threw our way. It was incredibly satisfying to finally launch the album, on which we have toiled for many a long hour, in our home town in front of our friends and family. Thanks also to Jack's Castle and Peregrine for making the night a musical feast.


In other news:

Boat Without a Sail is currently the feature album on ABC Tasmania :)

If you want to see us described as "Beach Boys on Prozac" and other interesting things, click on the "Press" link... just up there to your right.

Mick will be performing at the grand opening of his parent's "Queensland Room" this weekend, in Tuena NSW. For ticketing information call Mick's dad.

20th April 08
Debut Album "BOAT WITHOUT A SAIL" Released from captivity!
That's right, our debut album has finally been released! And as you would expect we are all like totally "mega stoked" about it. We have toiled for many a weary hour to bring this little baby into existence and we hope you like it. If you want to purchase the thing, you can click on the picture below, follow the "store" link or ask at your local record store.

If you are a downloading type person you can grab the album from itunes by follwing the link below.

Boat Without a Sail
on itunes
Basic Shape - Boat Without a Sail

1st April 08
All the cool kids are wearing them...including Gerry. Click here or follow the "store" link to get your own. Alternatively you can contact Gerry and ask to borrow his.

14th Feb 08
Check out our clip! This three and a half minutes of Basic Shape magic was directed, conceived, edited and specially effected by Melbourne video genius Nathan Bayliss. Enjoy!

17th Feb 08
White Skin Launched at Northcote Social Club
Thanks to everyone who came to our single launch at the Northcote Social Club.. It warmed our hearts to play to such a full (and attentive) room. Thanks!

5th Feb 08
Basic Shape conquer NSW!
Basic Shape have returned safe and well from a ten date tour of NSW, and are ready to rock Melbourne once again. The tour included a couple of radio performances and a sold out show at the Sydney launch of White Skin. We have also returned with a new appreciation of the wonders of the Hume Highway after completing one of the most geographically illogical tours in recorded history. A big thank you to everyone who came to our shows and to those who provided us with a floor or bed when we were too weary to rock anymore.

26th Jan 08
Reviews of White Skin
Check out what the media thinks of White Skin...We agree with them.

Beat magazine 23/01/08

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney) 24/01/08

The Sun Herald (Sydney) 20/01/08

19th Jan 08
"White Skin" Released
Our debut single White Skin has been released! You can buy it by clicking here. Alternatively you can download it from itunes, by clicking on the icon below.

White Skin on iTunes Basic Shape